Apr 21, 2011

Snackdragon ...and nostalgia

Trying somethign different today- again, distractions are okay, no they aren't, whatever. I've got Mythbusters on in the background, kinda interested so trying to see how much attention I'll pay to each. (I'm already noticing I'm writing thoughts kinda on autopilot and listening. I don't knwo if that's a good thing or a bad thing, either.....)

Anyway, the Snackdragon. I've got the story started, a 'challenge' to step outside my comfort zone. The Snackdragon itself is a parody of the snack vacuum, one of the D&D Player Archetypes. I'm pretty sure Steve had the original idea, but I think I took it and twisted it a little bit. Instead of a dragon that breathes cupcakes as a breath weapon, I pictued a dragon made out of snacks, out of a candy-land style universe. Hostess-style white stripes on a black chocolate body, candy corn teeth, candy button eyes. Maybe gumdrops for spikes, but I think the frosting works better.

So, what does it do? In my story, it's captured a brother and sister's mother. I don't really knowwhy, or what he plans on doing. It's just the whole 'evil dragon' thing. (Dragons get such a bad rap. They don't ALL terrorize towns and stuff, ya know?)

...In fact, how many stories are there about the lawful dragons? You read the typical fantasy stuff, Shrek-style storybook dragon-guarding-tower or terrorizing-people/towns, etc. I wonder if there are any stories about lawful dragons and what they do. I suppose being a goody-two-shoes is probably boring until you add in some other element (maybe some bad dragons, maybe some evil magician trying to control you? hmmmmmm...). It'd be interesting to read something on it, though.

Anyway, the whole snackdragon thing was going to be a pretty ... cliche... 'dont' eat sweets before bed' kinda tale. Like eerything else, I dunno where to go with it, though. I know they eventually have to get to, and probably slay, the snackdragon, but still lost on the process of getting there once they get into the candy world.

Back to the dragon, though- what's he do? I guess claws of some material... maybe shooting streams of silly string? It's kinda hard to be lethal with a body made of squishy cupcake material, and you can climb outta silly string with no real problem. I guess there could be traps, too... a tower of plush giant marshmallow-illed golems, chocolate (not black) puddings, some sort of pit traps with more marshmallow fluff? There's gotta be more ideas there.

And do I go all-out cheesy/cliche with a Toothbrush +4, Flossing? I guess it'd be pretty easy to convert to a D&D setting, heh. Something to do, I guess... submit it for an April issue of Dungeon, if that magazine even exists. (I think I still have an old April issue from late 90's around here somewhere. I remember the cover.) ...Ooh, the Accidentals! Now I've gotta find those, too. The fizzle, zot, snafu, gremlin... ahh, yes. (I guess I can be creative, once in a while.)

TV on is definitely distracting, but it doesn't help that I'm running outta thoughts. I've got more ideas for the snackdragon story, so maybe I'll think more on that. Give some things a chance to fall into place. (I guess this is working, on some level- I don't think I would've even tried to do more with the story otherwise.)

Maybe it's comfort level. I can picture putting it into module setting, and I know that well. Have I maybe found my niche? I remember the journals of our D&D adventures, and they were fun to do too. Going from the other side, though... maybe that's the step I need to tkae.

(On a side note, now I miss D&D gaming. Especially the game at Parkside. When's the next Saturday I can pick up a loaf of Italian bread from Super-Saver and waste a fun afternoon?

Holy crap, I can see more ideas! I'm really impressed with myself now! I wish I could keep full focus now that I'm running out of ideas, but I'm still working through it, and I'm really beside myself that my imagination is chiming in on its' own now. Yayyyy!

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