May 3, 2011

I'm not dead! ...yet.

I haven't forgotten, or given up on, this endeavor. However, even NyQuil-infused dreams can't spark my creativity. So, I listen to my brain thud against my skull like a dull rock instead. (Well, whatever brains I'm not busy expelling into a kleenex, at least.)

Upon my mom telling our pastor she wasn't going to be in church for a few months after a cornea transplant, the pastor's response was, 'People will use anything as an excuse not to go to church'. I guess this applies to me, too. I know I don't have the craftiness yet, not at the point I want; I don't want to spend half my posts bitching about not being able to come up with something. I don't have, but also dont' need, the dedication just yet. I'll suffer through these allergies/colds/whatever-they-are and move on after that, with a detour here if I find a moment of clarity, or something zany enough to write about.

(Porivded I remember it- I think I had a dream about the Mythbusters this afternoon, but it's gnoe now.)

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