Jul 6, 2011

The Babylon Project was our last, best hope for peace. It failed.

So did this. I'm not surprised, really. I can't string a bunch of ideas together, much less come up with them time and time again.

I could probably write B5 fanfic after wasting a month or so of nights watching the series (damn good once I got back into it), but that's one of those things that doesnt' really work well unless you've got all the technical details. You can get something wrong and get harped on for technical inaccuracies. (I guess same applies to an fanfic, though.)

That dragon story still kidna bounces around in my head, but again... what do I do with it? Where do I go with it? It's the same problem as any other writing, except this time I don't even have the point B I usually do.

There's a 30 Day Song Challenge on Facebook. I haven't stared that cuz I ddin't think I'd make it through all 30 days in succession. They need a 30 day writing challenge, though. Maybe I'll go back to that plot generator. I dunno.

Just feel like I'm wasting some talent here, or wasting time that could be put to better use. And whining about it doesn't help, either.

But, at least that's something... it's the first I've written i na month or so, so it's a start, no matter how crappy. Rome wasn't built in a day... right?