Sep 7, 2013

Right in the nostalgia!

So, this picture was posted on Facebook a while back. It's been stuck in my mind ever since. Granted, back then, there was a much bigger obstruction in the middle of thte picture, not a tiny little placeholder for that part of the view that's currently gone... but it's enough to inspire a lot of dwelling on old memories, and the reason for this post.

This is the view overlooking Lions Lake, at my yearly childhood summer escape, Lions Camp.

I've always loved that time of night; bright enough to see, dark enough to be comfortable on the eyes. Temps for that time of year were always comfortable at dusk. I'm not surprised there's nostalgia- almost every night was spent at a communal area behind the picture. That view was always waiting for us as we'd wander down the hill and off to our cabins to settle in for the night.

But... I wish those memories weren't there.

I suppose I should say, I wish the sad memories that my brain immediately associates (and then, of course, jumps to instead) weren't there. For every happy memory I can muster, there's always something sad that decides to tag along and overshadow the whole thing.

I know, in retrospect, that some of it was my own doing. But, I know a lot of it wasn't, too, and it's really sad to think that, even in a circle of my own peers, I still didn't fit in.

My mind's too muddled, so I think I'll cut this short and let it stew some more. I really need to get back into the writing thing, to some extent. I'm rusty.


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