Mar 28, 2016

So far, so good.

So, generally good news at today's exam.

The biggest worry was having to fly out to New York for intravascular chemo if the existing tumors did not respond to the second treatment last visit.

Thanksfully, they're responding and shrinking.  The scarring is still damage that can cause problems, but much less than if the tumors expanded and/or didn't respond to treatment.

One new small tumor appeared very recently (was caught very early) and treated; it was small enough that the doctor didn't seem concerned.

Mar 6, 2016

CJ part 3: Good and Bad

Good news and bad news from the latest treatment (moved back a week from the thre-week schedule because his pediatric oncologist wasn't available last week).

The good news is that no more tumors have developed yet.  This is expected- they won't crop up at every visit; we'll (almost certainly) see more eventually, but not this time.

The bad news, though, is that the small tumors from the last appointment are growing back.  They're quite small and aren't big enough to "soak up" the laser treatments and be fully corrected.

Silver lining is that these are the same spots that already exist and already have the damage, so there's no new damage or spreading of the existing areas.

If these visit's treatments turn out to be ineffective with the same result as the last treatment, we'll have to head to New York for the direct chemotherapy.  We'll find out in another three weeks.