Apr 27, 2016

Still doing (relatively) well.

Late post since it's been a pretty busy week overall.

Had yet more tumors pop up, though once again, they're small and away from the optic nerve, so not much in the way of new damage.

One of the older, bigger tumors was growing again, inside the old scarring/trteatment area.  It got another round of treatment, but since the scarring's already happened, there's no new damage.

We've progressed to a once-a-month instead of every-three-weeks schedule; aggression is slowing down a little but will continue at this pace for a few years yet.  Similarly, new (or od) tumors that do not react to treatments may still mean a trip to New York.

New employer means new insurance, which will be interesting.  At least we can't be denied for pre-existing conditions any more... and the coverage offerings are quite nice.