Jan 17, 2017

Again overdue

(Posts have not intentionally been infrequent; just a lot of other stuff going on, including complications from my Rb issues that are now affecting my vision.  There will be a post on that when I learn more in early March.)

The IAC worked wonders on CJ's right eye.  Two doses were enough to have everything settle to the point CJ didn't need more- in fact, there's been minimal activity in his right eye since the treatments.   There were a few maintenance visits and in December, it looked like IAC treatments were going to start on his left eye, as a tumor wasn't soaking up enough of the laser treatment.

However, they went with IVC in his visit in early January instead, so we'll see the results on the next trip.  We also got an all-clear on the yearly MRI (to the extent other doctors could look; it didn't show the existing eye tumors).

CJ's survived his first year- healthy and happy.  Even as someone almost secondary to the whole thing (staying home and working for all but one of these trips), it's been amazing for me to see and hear what's gone on and the advances that have been made.  This doesn't even cover support we've gotten from friends and family, as well as organizations the Ronald McDonald House and Children's Flight of Hope (and, of course, MSK for doing the actual treatments).  We're eternally grateful for all the support.

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