Jul 19, 2017

Good and bad

Another trip, no treatment.  Based on his age, the chance of CJ developing a new tumor is quite low (around 3%), and even lower in the eye that already got IAC.  The tumor that's been watched is presumed dead, but will still have some follow-up since Dr. A knows the conditionv of everything in CJ's eyes to verify it's still not active.

So, we're pretty much out of the woods there... probided we actually keep on the good side of the odds, which is not usually what happens with us.

My eyes, on the other hand... are just starting to show signs of age.  At my last local follow-up, it sounds like there's not much that can be done.  My eye looks a lot healthier since the antibiotics, but the scarring is going to continue to get in the way.  MY eye doc read the specialist's note, which was basically "not much that can be done but make [me] comfortable".

I've had another instance of eyelids drying out, causing huge problems (my vision was down to 20/600 for a few days), but that appears to have mostly passed.  So again, it's just dealing with day-to-day (or more frequent) changes as my cornea decides whether it wants to blur my vision or not.

It sounds like there may be some more extreme options, but that part wasn't clear in the message from my specialist to my regular eye doc (who read the specialist-to-doctor message).  May try to discuss these again next time I see my eye doc, but we'll see.

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