Nov 29, 2017

End of an era.

Another New York visit, our second-to-last provided all goes as planned.

 All tumors are dead, and there has been no activity for almost a year.  We have been stretching out visits and our next, scheduled for February, will signify a year with no treatment to either eye.  At that point, there is less than 1% of any recurrence, and though there will still be semi-regular exams under anesthesia, they won't be out here in New York.

It's bittersweet- the Ronald McDonald House has been under construction for most of a year and this was the first visit in that time that anyone has been back here.  It's a wonderful experience at the House and New York overall, but the rushed schedule, jet leg, extra expenses, and time not as a family just make it a bit too much compared to staying closer to home.

Quite lucky nothing worse has come of this and while we haven't really seen the effects yet, they will definitely not be o the extent of what's happened with me, for which I am very thankful.

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